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January: Evidence that Archaeopteryx is transitional from dinosaurs to birds
Augray provides a point by point rebuttal of an article by Duane Gish of ICR which claimed that Archaeopteryx was essentially a fully modern bird, not a transitional species.
February: Saint Augustine on biblical literalism
Vance McAlister (VBM) shows that this fifth century saint was already pleading that Genesis be interpreted in light of common knowledge and common sense.
March: Are (non-functional) pseudogenes a product of Intelligent Design?
Howard Hershey argues they are not because most look like copies of existing genes that have accumulate random mutations with time, a pattern consistent with an evolutionary process.
April: The Nazi redefinitions of Christianity and Evolution
Howard Hershey describes how the Nazis redefined and influenced Christianity and Evolutionary thinking in Germany to support their goals.
May: What meaning empty rhetoric?
Noctiluca expresses frustration over the empty rhetoric of an anti-evolutionist who refuses to examine the evidence from an "infinitely complex and endlessly interesting" universe, much less consider the consequences for his beliefs.
June: Testable examples of the emergence and development of novelty from evolution
Steven J itemizes cases where random mutation coupled with natural selection have produced novelty, describes intermediate forms, and explains the mechanism of natural selection (death before reproduction) in response to Tony Pagano's assertion that it is impossible.
July: Does handed DNA and protein prove Intelligent Design?
"Dr. Gary Hurd discusses natural (undesigned) forces that may have lead to the predominance of left handed [L] Amino Acids in proteins and right handed [D] Nucleic Acids in DNA and RNA which are found in all existing organisms. He also provides examples of the continuing use of the D form of amino acids revealing clues to the origin of life."
August: Are evolutionists covering up the evidence for sudden creation?
John Harshman answers three arguments by Jonathan Wells which assert: The sudden appearance of all modern animal groups during the Cambrian explosion; the use of a circular argument (shared characteristics as evidence for common descent) and; that Archaespteryx isn't transitional because evolutionists agree it is probably not the ancestor of modern birds.
September: Proposal for a Theistic Design Detector
Following years of spiritual research by Rossum, Talk.Origins reveals our official design for a Theistic Design Detector. It is herewith presented to the Discovery Institute who are doubtless anxious to begin construction.
November: Does Natural Selection give every individual an equal fair chance at a beneficial mutation?
Howard Hersey uses examples to show that Natural Selection generates new characteristics by working from that small subset of organisms that can be changed with tiny modifications to their existing functions.
December: Changing tires on evolution's bumpy meandering road
Steven Litvintchouk describes how organisms are constantly gaining and loosing functions over evolutionary time. Sometimes short-lived modifications can act as a temporary scaffolding or support allowing changes that would otherwise seem impossibly large.

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