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January: Did Cosmic Inflation really happen?
Steve Carlip provides a clear and concise description of what is (and is not) known about inflation, explaining why it is the prevailing view among cosmologists.
February: The Sin of Imposing our Perspectives on Writings from the Past.
John Wilkins points out that past authors didn't have the mental frameworks including "science" and "history" which we take for granted today.
March: Separating true theories from TruthLike ™ ones
Bill Rogers uses a 98 gram weakling of a theory to demonstrate that selected evidence confirming a theory does not make it as likely to be true as a rigorously tested one.
April: Why individuals deny collective responsibility for changes to the atmosphere and oceans
Howard Hersey, after itemizing some of the facts rejected by Global Warming Deniers, goes on to speculate on their motives.
May: Can Deduction overturn Induction (repeated observation) in Science to crush Darwinism?
Bill Rogers shows that the argument that evolution can be overturned deductively from the single forbidden "observation" that the flagellum could not have evolved gradually is unsound because, among other things, that "observation" itself depends on induction.
July: Is the Earth the fixed center of the Universe?
Steve Carlip presents five sets of observations confirming the standard model of the structure of the universe and which are inconsistent with a claimed fixed earth model.
August: Classifying Selection as Natural, Artificial, Neutral or by Design
Howard Hershey uses five "tasty" color coded examples to help a creationist understand the meaning of Natural Selection (NS) and its various forms.
October: Does Peer Review prevent publication of bad science?
Steve Carlip describes the goals of peer review in theoretical physics, and suggests how they may vary in other scientific disciplines.
November: Was Mendel a Paleyan Creationist or a Darwinist?
Burkhard tells us that passages in Mendel's copy of The Origin of Species were underlined, and quotes from letters he wrote which suggest what Mendel's position was.

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