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January: Random versus Non-Random
Paul J Gans explains that Natural Selection may be strongly bias toward some specific outcomes, but because we cannot predict the outcome it is still a random process like naturally occurring variation.
February: The mammalian and octopus camera eye - common design? - evolutionary mess?
Richard Norman (Talk.Origins' lead spin doctor) shows that the shared properties of the mammalian and octopus camera eyes precisely match the predictions of descent with modification.
March: The Bible predicts what we should see in the Fossil Record
Randy Crum describes the obvious consequences for the fossil record of the Genesis creation story.
April: The Incremental Evolution of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Richard Norman explains how and why the Bible describes the most important trait shared by humans.
May: Does invoking Einstein's relativity permit a fixed Earth to describe a "real" physical system?
Steve Carlip describes the functional difference between a "coordinate system" and a "reference frame" within the context of a claim that the Sun really does orbit the Earth.
July: A Church Cover up Distorting Christ's Message
Burkhard walks us through the reasons why 15th century theologians abruptly tried to remove the camel in Luke 18:25 from the eye of a needle.
August: The Creationist Refusal to see Obvious Consequences of Self-evident Patterns Visible in Nature
Robert Camp describes how creationists the deny the common sense they use elsewhere in life in order retain their beliefs.
September: Does a now solved Problem on Galactic Spiral Arms Noted in 1925 support a Young Earth?
Garamond Lethe demonstrates that an "argument" in support of a Young Earth depends on readers being unable (or unwilling) to check the cited sources.
October: An Evolutionary Nested Hierarchy tells us more than the Functional Categories implied by Biblical "kinds"
Arkalen explains to a creationist that the functional categories implied by biblical kinds produces an unusable logically incoherent mess, while an evolution based nested hierarchy produces a consistent and useful picture supported from many different lines of evidence.

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