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The Bible predicts what we should see in the Fossil Record

Post of the Month: March 2011


Subject:    | Burkhard's Post-of-th-Month nomination shows a jaded and mistaken view of the philosophy of science
Date:       | 06 Mar 2011
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> T Pagano :
> The fossil record is in complete accord with the
> creationist model ...


Here's what the fossil record should look like if Biblical creationism were true.

  1. In the very lowest strata we should see no fossils at all. This is because, according to the Bible, all life originally existed in the Garden of Eden and nothing died there.

  2. In the next levels of strata, we should see a fairly constant rate of fossils or a gradually growing rate of fossils. This would reflect the time after the Fall as life progressed all over the Earth. These strata should have fossils of all types of organisms, both bacteria and larger more complex organisms because all of them coexisted. We should see more mobile species such as horses at the bottom of the fossil record throughout most of the world because those species would be able to migrate to places far away from the Garden of Eden more quickly than less mobile species. In fact we should be able to use this layer of strata to help discover the location of the Garden of Eden. The closer that any particular rocks are to the original location of the Garden of Eden, the earlier fossils should appear. (It should take species longer to get far away from the Garden and die than it should be for species to die close to the Garden.)

  3. At some point as we move up through the strata we should see a sudden massive intrusion of fossils. This would represent the 40 days and 40 nights of the flood. This layer should also include archaeological artifacts such as tools because humans existed and would not have escaped with their tools. This should be present because of the large number of organisms (nearly every living creature on Earth) that died suddenly under conditions ideal for fossilization. (A flood is the very best environment for preserving fossils.) We should be able to show that all of these fossils are in the same strata all over the world.

  4. Immediately above this sudden intrusion of fossils, we should see a thin layer of marine fossils. This would represent the year when, according to the Bible, the Earth was covered with water. This layer of fossils should be present everywhere since the flood was global in nature.

  5. As we move up beyond this point in the strata, we should see a fossil gap; the size of the gap should vary depending on the geographical distance that a particular rock formation is from Mount Ararat - the final resting place of the Ark according to the Bible. As was the case immediately after the Fall, it would take some time for slow moving organisms to get very far away from where the Ark came to rest.

  6. This pattern should exist all over the World.

In fact, of course, it exists nowhere on Earth.

Creationism --> totally falsified by the fossil record.

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