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January: A description of Derek Parfit's non-religious Principles for distinguishing Right from Wrong (within a discussion of Tautologies)
Burkhard, using practical examples, disentangles a recent attempt to succinctly describe a system of secular ethics.
February: Creationist site deliberately Ignores cited Evidence that African people Not Descendant from Adam & Eve or Noah
Garamond Lethe shows that the authors of a creationist web page are completely misrepresenting the contents of a cited scientific article.
March: To find truth: Evaluate one claim at a time until a pattern emerges
Garamond Lethe recommends that confused creationists should not waste time with point and counterpoint. Instead find specific claims of interest and run each one to ground until a pattern emerges.
May: Does acceptance of evolution bring lose of meaning and despair?
Brenda Nelson makes the case that evolution brings delight in, and affection for, earth and all its inhabitants.
July: What does "Humans are Apes" mean?
Howard Hershey argues that claiming that humans are apes means different things depending on the context.
August: Cuddly religions promote crime in comparison to nasty ones.
Burkhard introduces research showing that a focus on heavenly rewards increases crime rates, while fear of hell reduces them, except possibly for murder in the southern US – or maybe not.
September: Directed panspermia appears much less likely than abiogenesis
Paul Gans concisely explains why it is more likely that life began on earth rather than being imported from elsewhere in the universe.

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