Fossil Hominids: Featured Books

Book Cover Smithsonian Intimate Guide to Human Origins
An excellent introduction by science writer Carl Zimmer
Book Cover A New Human
The story of the discovery of Homo floresiensis, by Mike Morwood, the leader of the discovery team
Book Cover Ancestral Passions
Virginia Morell's definitive biography of the Leakey family
Book Cover The Seven Daughters of Eve
An excellent popular book about the science behind mitochondrial DNA, by scientist Bryan Sykes.
Book Cover The Man Who Found the Missing Link
Pat Shipman's excellent biography of Eugene Dubois, the discoverer of Java Man.
Book Cover A Brain for all Seasons
A stimulating book by William Calvin which investigates the link between human evolution and climate change.
Book Cover The Neandertals
An excellent book by Erik Trinkaus and Pat Shipman about the history of Neandertals since they were discovered nearly 150 years ago.
Book Cover Hominids

The first book in The Neanderthal Parallax trilogy, by Robert Sawyer

Book cover The Shelters of Stone

The long-awaited fifth book in Jean Auel's Earth's Children series was published in April 2002.

Discussing the Transition Neanderthals and Modern Humans: Discussing the Transition

A set of recent research papers from the Neanderthal Museum.

Book cover Bones of Contention

Detailed histories of many of the most important scientific debates in paleoanthropology.

Book cover Wisdom of the Bones

A history of Homo erectus, especially the discovery and analysis of the Turkana Boy skeleton, by paleoanthropologist Alan Walker.

Book cover From Lucy to Language

An excellent book giving a good overview of paleoanthropology, and packed with superb full-size photos.

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