.Talbott, David
[?-] Velikovskian.
.Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre
[1881-1955] Paleontologist, theologian. Author of "The Appearance of Man" (1965), "Christianity And Evolution" (1971), "Early Man in China" (1941), "The Making of a Mind" (1965), and "The Phenomenon of Man" (1975). Describer of "Peking Man". Accused by Gould of complicity in the Piltdown Man hoax.
.Thomas, Julie
[?-] Anti-evolutionist of unknown origin. Takes a skeptical stance of evolutionary mechanism theories while refusing to make clear what her real beliefs are.
.Thompson, John
[?-] Biologist. Evolution echo and Science echo regular, Evolution echo co-moderator.
.Thompson, Timothy J.
[?-] T.o. regular, author of file on "Magnetic fields".
.Throop, Wayne
[?-] T.o. regular. Especially involved in threads concerning Velikovskian conjecture.
.Timm, Steven
.Toumey, Christopher
[?-] Anthropologist, did dissertation on creationism. Author of "God's Own Scientists" (199?).
.Trigo, Gerard
[?-] Science echo and Evolution echo regular.
.Trott, Richard
[1969-] T.o. regular, author of file on "Creationism implies racism?". Has personally perturbed Duane Gish via an article critical of Gish's lecture at Rutgers University in 1994.
.Tun, Lionel
[?-] TAE. Contributes to talk.origins in a hit- and-run fashion. Especially noted for single sentence howlers. See Jargon File entry under ForTun.
.Tyler, Tim
[?-] Sysop of the Farpoint BBS, and regular contributor to the Evolution Echo.